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Dec 15

Least Helpful

New blog: Least Helpful – Bizarre and insane one star reviews.


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  1. gruntled / Mar 4 2012

    wow, that’s exactly what I thought.

  2. Xezlec / Sep 8 2012

    Is that really a “bizarre and insane” review? It was exactly my impression of the book as well. I don’t understand what people like about it.

    • hhongo / Sep 8 2012

      Perhaps this review isn’t particularly insane or bizarre, but it does fall under a third category of review I find pretty amusing: really dismissive reviews of classic works. With this one in particular, I’d say the criticism that Gatsby isn’t so great and is kinda a phony is funny because that’s basically the point of the book, the title “Great Gatsby” being ironic. A lot like the negative Fahrenheit 451 reviews that say “I dunno, burning books seem like a bad idea.”

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